When you are looking for a EFB Consultant, hire someone who has DONE it before! 

Hire someone who has built one of the worlds largest EFB deployments. Someone who has worked with regulations, the policy writers, technology, vendors and end users. 

We can help you make better decisions and move faster because we have thought through all of those questions you have. We also know many of the other airlines and how their programs are setup. 

Even if you have an established EFB program, the more apps you add, the more difficult it gets. We have many thoughts about how to navigate that next level of your program.

While Aviation EFB deployments have been our primary focus, the expertise we have gained, also applies to other transportation verticals such as Rail, Trucking, ride share, first responders and more. 

So if you have questions about a large scale mobile deployment, we will be able to help you answer questions.

About Me

My qualifications for EFB are as follows

  • Im a Captain for one of the largest airlines in the US. 
  • My main work focus has been EFB since early 2011
  • I developed the EFB program for my airline and we are on our third deployment of devices. 
  • I managed over 11,000 iPads for Pilots of my Airline
  • I have been the US Chairman for the AEEC/IATA EFB users forum 
  • I have been involved in regulatory policy change in AC120-76 and AC20-173
  • I have been a member of the A4A EFB task force.
  • I have attended US DOD EFB conferences. 
  • I’m also an Airframe and Power Plant mechanic, Certified Flight Instructor with Multi engine and Instrument privileges.
  • In the past I have participated as on the GO team for two airline crash investigations with APLA and the FAA.
Will Ware
Captain Will Ware

Do you have Questions about an EFB program?

If you have questions on any of these topics, then you need our help

  • Devices (iPad, Windows, other)
  • Pilot issued or Aircraft issued
  • Mounting (suction cup, STC mount, Trays, other options)
  • Cellular (their one provider, multi vendor offerings)
  • Aircraft Wifi (whitelisting, security)
  • Device managment (VMware, Good, JAMF, others)
  • Application Deployment managment.
  • Flight procedures, policies and more
  • Backup Power (batteries, USB)
  • and more…

How do we do it?

We can come to you, or we can work remotely by using ZOOM. We also encourage using SLACK because its a great collaboration tool and helps streamline work.


We have very simple pricing schedules that fit your needs so you can focus on your project costs.

  • First 30 min engagement FREE
  • Hourly rate (Phone, Email, Slack, Zoom) (billed over 10 minutes)
  • Daily (virtual) (billed over 4 hours)
  • Travel to your location, per day Fee plus hotel, food and roundtrip airfare
  • Advisor Retainer (Negotiated per job)
  • Per project fee (Negotiated per Job)